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Yodeling Queen Janet McBride - Champion Yodeler/Songwriter .. and Mentor in Chief!

Photo by Lori Faith Merritt / www.photographybyfaith.com

Copyright 1997-2014
Paul L. White and Janet McBride


Fan Club News!

Pat Boileson recently mailed out the **June 2014** Fan Club Newsletter. This was the ten-year anniversary issue, and contained all sorts of throw-back photos and other memorabilia. Also featured is news from Janet's proteges, as well as the latest on Janet's new CD and her "A Cowgirl's Dream" video by Mary Schutz on YouTube.

Thank you, as always, Ms. Pat for your hard work regarding Janet, and congratulations on your own musical success!


Latest News From Janet!

On July 25, Janet Emailed me the following very interesting news regarding both her travels, her CD, and her new song.

It has dawned on me that you do not have one of my trips in your 'information on Janet' bag.

I decided about two weeks ago to include a trip up to Le Mars, Iowa to coincide with my trip to Hastings, Nebraska in late August/early September.

I will appear at the 39th Annual National Old-Time Country, Bluegrass, & Folk Music Festival August 29-30-31 [website at this location], and will be awarded an award for my new CD which will be given to me by 'THE ROOTS MUSIC ASSOCIATION' [link here]. THE ACTUAL PRESENTATION WILL BE ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 31 AT 4 PM.

I will then head for Hastings, Nebraska for The Miles of Memories Festival there.

I will sing my Bluebonnet song ["Texas Bluebonnet Waltz"] in the 'TOP TEN FINALS' ON August 2 in Bonham, TX at the Ruby Allmond Songwriting Contest [at this link].

Mikki Daniel also has one of her songs in the top 10 so, it will be an honor just to be in the 'top 10'.

That's about it. I'm keeping up.

We also have some brand new information on several of Janet's mentees. You can go to that secion of this page by clicking here.



Janet's new CD "Here I Am" is now out of production and ready for purchase! On it are twenty-seven songs, with one brand new release.

The new number is "The Lottery," listed as song #17. The rest have been remastered and re-issued, the mastering done by the late Phil York, who produced Willie Nelson's "Red Headed Stranger."

To order this CD from Janet, just send $15 PPD to the address listed immediately below:

Janet McBride
P.O. BOX 850351
MESQUITE, TX 75185-0351

You can contact Janet via her Email by clicking here.

Janet previously forwarded pictures of the front and back of this CD, which was produced by her friend Mary Schutz. With both photos you can click for larger versions.

There is a story to tell about "Here I Am" -- why Janet chose the songs she did, where they came from, and more. We plan to present that story, in detail, after the webmaster upgrades his computer system.


Janet's Friends at the
2014 CMT Video Awards!

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, CMT broadcast their annual Video Awards show, and four entertainers attended who have connections to our Janet!

Kacey Musgraves and Lee Ann Womack sang a duet to honor Alan Jackson, and you can see two photos of them above. Amber Carrington was in the audience with her date, Dran Michael of Dran Michael Productions.

The following day, LeAnn Rimes cut the ribbon for the opening ceremonies of CMA Fest, 2014. She tweeted: Thx country fans @CMAFestVIP for the best time I've ever had at CMA Fest. Loved seeing you all. Thanks for all your love and support.

That same day, Kacey tweeted: Wake up. Eat food. Play show with @AlisonKrauss and @willienelson. WHAT IS LIFE?!

As most people know, Janet either mentored or helped in some way LeAnn Rimes, Lee Ann Womack, and Kacey Musgraves. Amber Carrington appeared as a star at the Rodeo City Music Hall, which often featured Janet and was held at the same building as was once her Mesquite Opry. Congratulations to all involved in these beautiful careers.

You can bring up larger versions of any of the photos immediately above by clicking them.


New Mikki Daniel Page!

Please click to see a larger version.

We've added a new tribute page for yodeling champion Mikki Daniel, one of Janet's mentees who has risen to Champion Yodeler status on many fronts. She is also the featured model in Janet's new video of "A Yodeler's Dream," with Patsy Montana (mentioned below).

You will see an explanation regarding her photo with Katharine Ross (above), as well as more photos, information regarding a recent concert, and links to her website and Facebook page.

Links to her tribute are now on the bottom of each of our website pages. You can see it by clicking here. Thank you so much, Mikki, for all you've done and all you're going to do!


Janet's Throwback Photo:
1998 Buckaroos!

Please click to see a larger version.

Says Janet May 22, 2014:


Misty Sereff is in it plus Sally Wallace, Kelly Bullock, Michael Slayton (little boy), Brooke Wallace, Ginny Mac, me, Devon, Chuck, Paul Wallace, Rachael Werline, Cristy Kibbler…

A blast from the past for sure.

Many thanks to Miss Devon Dawson for sending the picture!


Janet's Original Song
"A Cowgirl's Dream"
Featuring Patsy Montana
Now a Video on YouTube!

Says Janet: This is just finished. Mary Schutz did the work. The young girl is Mikki Daniel.

Check out all of the clips of Patsy which are some of the stuff we pulled from the 16mm and 8mm film in her closet. Just too cool.

You can view this video by clicking here.

You can see what Mikki wrote about Janet in her "First-Quarter" 2014 Newsletter on our new Mikki Daniel tribute page here.

There are, obviously, many things to add about the making of this video. As with the new CD above, that information will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can see what Janet wrote about the creation of her song "Yodeler's Dream" (posted on Roy Tucker's website) by clicking this link.


Janet Featured In
Cowtown Opry Video!

Please click to see a larger version.

Janet said: "this is a project a couple of kids did for their school 'special assignment.'" It is quite interesting, and features Janet as a spokeswoman. You can see the video, posted by Moose and Goose on YouTube, by clicking here.


Janet's Song "Mama"
Now a Video!

We just put together a video of Janet's song "Mama" with various photos of her mother through the years. You can see that video on YouTube by clicking the photo above. You can stream it from our own server with a computer by clicking here.

Says Janet: Mama lived to be 92 years old and although she never heard this song, I know she's smiling down on me each day. All of us kids loved our Mama.


In Memoriam
John Ingram

Please click to see a larger version.

On December 22, 2010, Janet's husband John Ingram went home to be with the Lord. Just a few days before that, he was with Janet and their granddaughter when this photo was taken. Here are Janet's words:

We all commented that night at how great John looked and how he was able to climb the stairs at the restaurant and how happy he was.

I had not seen this photo until last week. I did not take the camera that night but this photo was taken by Devri McBride. It was her Birthday dinner at a restaurant in Dallas.

How cool is that photo?

You can see all of our tribute information regarding John by clicking either here or on the menu button to the upper left entitled "John." Thank you, Devri, for sharing that picture!


LeAnn Rimes and
Husband Eddie Cibrian on
VH1 This Summer!

Please click to see a larger version.

Our LeAnn is being featured with her husband Eddie in a special reality show "LeAnn and Eddie" on VH1 this summer on Thursday nights. You can visit the website for that show by clicking this link. It is a fascinating look into their relationship, chemistry, and sense of good humor!


Mikki Daniel
New Logo!

Please click to see a larger version.

Mikki Daniel sends out emails to her Email list with announcements of upcoming events. The most recent included the logo above, which was new to this webmaster.

You can join Mikki's email list, or send her an Email yourself, by clicking on the picture below.


Kristyn Harris
In the News!

Please click to see a larger version.

Kristyn stated on Facebook that she was in the news, then gave a link to a nice long article on her with the picture above. You can see that article by clicking this link. Congratulations yet again Kristyn!


Kristyn Harris
August, 2014 Schedule!

Please click to see a larger version.

Kristyn just announced on Facebook that her friend Doug Grady is making these beautiful graphics each month to announce her itinerary. Way to go, Kristyn!


Mallary Hope
Is Expecting!

Please click to see a larger version.

Mallary Hope recently announced that she and her husband Ryan are expecting! Congratulations to the happy couple!


Kacey Musgraves
In Glastonbury, England!

Please click to see a larger version.

Our Kacey visited Europe in June and performed there. You can see a video of her with her boyfriend singing "Merry Go Round" by clicking this link. Nice going, Kacey!



Janet Throwback Photo
With Chandler Bennett and
Kacey Musgraves!

Please click to see a larger version.

When we did a blurb about Chandler Bennett visiting Amber Carrington, Janet sent the above photo with the following message:

Got to thinking I had a photo from 2008 of Chandler and found that Kacey was in it also. Amber was at that show as well.


Janet on Twitter

Our Janet is far too busy to maintain a Twitter account herself, but this webmaster posts photos of her under the HeroesWest brand.

If you have a Twitter account, just search with hashtag #JanetMcBride, then click "all," and you will see the postings listed.


Mesquite Opry DVD!

Janet's friend and biographer Mary Schutz created a DVD with clips from various Mesquite Opry performances! By clicking either photo above and below you can get larger views. If you're interested in purchasing a copy of this DVD, you can go to Mary's website for Janet here, and scroll down the page. You will see several other products by and about Janet. Each one can be purchased from Mary's website through PayPal.


Janet's Biography on Amazon!

You can now purchase Janet's new book, Still Lovin' the Ride, on Amazon! Just click the screen grab below.

You can also download two of Janet's mp3s from Amazon by clicking this link, or several of her CDs by clicking here. Congratulations Janet!

Janet is grateful for the response to her new book. You can see larger versions of both front and back covers by clicking the photos above and below.

She worked for nearly two years with both Mary Schutz and Pat Boileson to create this very interesting, entertaining, and informative biography of her life. Ms. Schutz is a web designer in her own right, and has decided to create a website for Janet and this book. You can learn much about both when you visit that website by clicking the picture below.

Janet says of this new site: "It is meant to put the book out where it can be seen and purchased hopefully." Congratulations to Janet, Mary, and Pat!

You can now order this book, or the "Still Loving the Ride" CD, by choosing radio buttons on our order submit form! You can also see a list of product prices just above that form.


Product Orders,
Information Requests,
and Comments to Janet:

You can now order several of Janet's products directly from the Internet by going to Mary Schutz's website for Janet here (pictured below). That page will accept your PayPal payment directly. Thank you, Mary, for all of your hard work on Janet's behalf!

To order any of Janet's products from this website, please fill in each field below, clicking any or all of the radio buttons, if they apply.

Please use the comment area to provide an address to which you want the item shipped, to list a product other than the CDs listed, or to simply "say howdy."

Please do Not send credit card information.

Once you press the "Submit" button, an Email will go directly to Janet. She will reply with instructions as to exact cost, and payment by PayPal, check or money order.

Thank you for your interest!

Product prices are as follows (foreign postage varies):
Book: "Still Lovin' the Ride"$20 for the book itself, and $3 postage (if being sent within the U.S.)
Two CD One Box Set: "50 Years of Yodeling"$25 (which includes postage in the U.S.)
All Single CDs:$12 plus $3 postage (in the U.S.)

Your Name:
E-Mail Address:  @  
Still Lovin' the Ride Book?  Yes  Will Wait
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 Orders, Information Requests, Comments:

You may have to wait a few seconds for the submission to complete.  Thank you for your patience.


Fan Club Requests
forwarded to Pat Boileson,
Fan Club President.

Your Name:
E-Mail Address:  @  
Sign Me Up!  Yes  Comments Only


Again, you may have to wait a few seconds for the submission to complete.  Thank you for your patience.

If Email is more your style of contact regarding orders, then please press either of these "brands."

Happy Trails!


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