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May 6, 2013

Once upon a time, Ms. Autry, a friend of Janet's, used to send Emails to her fans, and we would publish them on this page. They will appear below a few updates which we've added since.

Immediately below, you see an autographed photo she sent this webmaster for signing up to be a Fan Club member.

Please click to see a larger version.

These days Charlotte uses Facebook, Twitter, and more to chat with us, and you can click the following Twitter and Facebook logos to go to her pages on those sites. Further on down are links to her website and myspace pages.



Next is the flyer Charlotte would send out with her signed photo, along with the two cards shown immediately above. For each of these, you can click to get bigger versions.

For a PDF version of that flyer, you can click here.


June 13, 2011

Please click to see a larger version.

Above is a photo of Charlotte with Keith Urban, which she was excited to share on this date in Facebook and Twitter!


April 19, 2011

Here are two recent photos Charlotte published ... as you can see, she wears many hats! You can click either of the two photos for larger versions.


September, 2006

Please click to see a larger version.

The webmaster culled this photo from his files, and believes the date and place are correct (he will seek confirmation). What a great picture of Charlotte and Janet!


Next begins our listing of Charlotte's Fan Club emails from back when, as we promised at the beginning of this page. We did our best to keep formatting as it appeared in the original emails.


March 20, 2007

Hi Saddle Pals,  How are things out on the Lone Prairie??  My trail has been busier than a bushwhacker whacking bushes…. which means we should be about to wind up all the recording on the Gene Autry Centennial Celebration CD Project, and it should be ready to release sometime in May, along with Holly George-Warren's Official Gene Autry Biography.  


Releasing at the same time?? YOU BETCHA!!!  Here’s the artist line-up that you can look forward to hearing on the cd entitled  ‘Boots Too Big To Fill’.


Charlie Daniels, Vince Gill, Pam Tillis, Randy Owen of Alabama, Glen Campbell, Marty Stuart and his band The Fabulous Superlatives, Connie Smith, John Anderson, Riders in the Sky, Restless Heart, Jim Lauderdale, Ian Tyson, T. Graham Brown, Kim Mclean, The Time Jumpers, Alan Autry – Actor/Mayor of Fresno, CA, and myself.


Not bad company, if I do say so myself!!  Plus for the musical side of it are some of the GREATEST studio musicians out of Nashville… the “A” Team as they are known around those parts, all of them have toured with Major Artists such as – ELVIS,

Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, Conway Twitty, and many many others.  And their enthusiasm to be a part of our Gene Autry Celebration has truly been overwhelming.


I am in the process of setting up my calendar, finding band members, and putting together the actual tour schedule…  my apologies for this update being rather delayed.


Now, as for the Gene Autry, OK Festival, the official dates are September 26-30, 2007,

And if you are planning on going, I would highly recommend that you consider getting your tickets ASAP.  Last years crowd doubled compared to the year before, and I imagine this year, it will double from last.  Here’s the link for more information about tickets, the schedule, and lodging information, plus a contact email for more details:



I am sure you will notice there have been some changes in the website, and in the Festival setup itself, over this past year we lost two major icons to the Gene Autry Museum, Gene Autry, OK…….  My good friend, Bruce Dillman, passed away August, 2006… and another dear friend, Willie L. Johnston, passed away in September, 2006.  They were both very special to me, the festival, and to the museum, and their presence is greatly missed.  For pictures of them, and more information, please refer to the blogs on my website:



As for now, that’s the latest… I will have more on my schedule, and an actual release date for the CD the next time you hear from me!!


God bless ya’ll,

And I will see you along the trail very soon,

Charlotte Autry


February 13, 2007

Good morning guys and gals....  As I write this I am reeling from just having met Connie Smith, wife of Marty Stuart.... I am sitting in the studio in Nashville and Connie is recording "Vaya Con Dios", and I can hear her sweet voice echoing out of the sound booth...  that familiar voice that sang so many of my personal favorite songs!!  Marty is here playing mandolin, along with Riders in the Sky on bass, accordion, and acoustic guitar!!!  Before the ice storm that was guilty of shutting our electricity down for six day, I was in the studio with Marty Stuart and his band The Fabulous Superlatives recording "Mule Train" with a bluegrassy sound... and the Riders in the Sky who recorded a song entitled "Lonely River" - - Tomorrow we will be with the studio musicians who are each legends in their own right, and they will be preparing the song that Glen Campbell is planning to record, although he will do his work in California..... AHHHHHHHH such is the world of modern technology!!!
As far as a release date, we are quickly approaching a projected date of lateish March.... which will coincide with the "Official Biography of Gene Autry" commissioned to be written by Holly George-Warren who was hired by Gene Autry Entertainment, LA California... so we will be doing some release work together.... It's not quite clear yet what that entails, BUT there is a rumored "Good Morning America" NATIONAL appearance...... time will tell.....  AND of course, we finally got an OFFICIAL NOD FROM GENE AUTRY ENTERTAINMENT CORP.... which to you and I means they approve, support, and are ON BOARD with the project and my career.............. (INSERT HAPPY DANCE HERE!!!!)  Not financially, but everything else.......
ALSO you can preorder the "Gene Autry Tribute Album" at my labels website - here's a link:
I will get back in the studio........  just wanted you to hear from me while I had internet access which is kinda picky at the hotel.......
I'll be in touch again soon,


January 5, 2007

Hey Ya'll, my interview with supercountryhits.com is rescheduled for tonight at 7PM CST!!
To listen, just go to http://www.supercountryhits.com and click on the button that says 'Listen for free....'!!!
ALSO, for those of you who wrote inquiring about the 'TOP 50 REQUESTED SONGS OF 2006' from supercountryhits.com ~  I currently have two songs on their play list AND YES THEY BOTH MADE IT INTO THE TOP 50....  Back to my Roots......  CAME IN AT NUMBER TWO!!!  and Blue Moon of Kentucky came in at NUMBER 34!!!
Here's the Top 5:
1. Tom Wurth
Bread On The Table
2. Charlotte Autry
Back To My Roots
3. George Strait
Give It Away

4. Ronnie Milsap
Local Girls

5. Kenny Chesney
Living In Fast Forward

I called in and 'hung out' with the DJ's over the radio via telephone, it was an honor to be a News Year Eve guest, lots of laughs, trivia questions, and  it was a great way to ring in the New Year!!!  I'm happy that so many of you had the opportunity to listen in  {:o)!!  Tonight the interview will be with Russ/DJSimpleman, He's just a big ole' cowboy outta Florida!!!  and for those of you who want to ask questions.... and have Yahoo Instant Messenger  ~ his yahoo id is
'djsimplemann' and mine is 'lilautry1019' - I would love to have some of you and your questions or comments read on the air!!!
PLUS, I leave tomorrow for Nashville... and will be having a HUGE MEET & GREET tomorrow night!!!  Although I don't quite know where yet since I'm not the one planning it.... BUT if you want more information, just holler, and I can get it for you as soon as I find out.....
God bless and STAY TUNED!!!
Charlotte Autry


December 31, 2006

Health to you, Wealth to you,
and the Best That Life Can Give to YOU
~ in 2007 ~
With Love From Charlotte!!!
I can hardly believe we are just hours away from ringing in 2007!!!  For those of you who are planning to be out and about ringing in the New Year, BE SAFE - for the rest of us who are planning to stay at home, be sure to tune in to SUPERCOUNTRYHITS.COM, they are doing a "Top 50 Requested Songs" Countdown of 2006 starting at
6:00 PM CST, and I have two songs on their request site SO we'll have to listen to see if I've made it in their Top 50!!
Out of the several thousand songs that you can request, they have Independent artists along with Major Label artists, and they are very kind and supportive to both!!  So be sure to listen in....  Just go to http://www.supercountryhits.com and click on the button that says "CLICK HERE TO LISTEN FREE"
And OH Yes, we have a Cardboard cut-out of Gene, and have had since the beginning of the project, thanks to our producer, Joe Johnston  {:o)!!!  And most everybody who has worked with us has had their picture made with The Singing Cowboy himself!!  It definitely helps our creative atmosphere to have him with us in the studio.....  I have tried to get them to put him in the passenger seat as we drive around Nashville, so far they haven't let me do it....  Maybe I'll get my own 'Gene' and tote him around with me.  I'm sure it would bring plenty of smiles and laughter to those who pass us on the street, and they certainly wouldn't have to question who I am!!
Here is yet the newest email address for the fan club
I tried to use Yahoo, but they would only
let me send 50 emails per hour....
So that didn't work for us, but this one will!!! 
ALSO, if you want to send Fan Letters or Cards to
the Fan Club or to Charlotte,
here's the address:
Charlotte Autry Fan Club
1216 East Kenosha Box 329
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
God bless and celebrate safely,
there is LOTS to happen in 2007!!!

December 27, 2006

RE:  LIVE Interview Tonight & Quick E-Update
OH MAJOR BUMMER....... Due to technical difficulties the interview will have to be postponed.....
oh well, that's the electronic world.....
but we'll let you know when it's rescheduled!!!
-----Original Message-----
LIVE Interview Tonight & Quick E-Update
I hope your Christmas was as lovely as ours, and with many hopes for an AMAZING 2007 on the brink!!!  The month of December definitely proved to be a VERY BUSY MONTH!!  We spent a large part of the month in Nashville recording with Vince Gill, John Anderson, Jim Lauderdale, Charlie Daniels, The Time Jumpers and many others - as you can tell, the project has taken on a life of its own and is quite the 'buzz' about Nashville on Music Row!!!  SUCH AN AMAZING THING!!!
YES, Charlotte will be doing a LIVE INTERVIEW TONIGHT at 8PM CST on supercountryhits.com - all you do is go to www.supercountryhits.com and click on the gray bar in the middle that says "LISTEN"!!!  There will be lots more info to be learned about the project, and trips to Nashville!!  AND you will find out who is next on the schedule to record for the 'Gene Autry Tribute'........  You'll be very excited I'm sure!!
Plz note the change in the fan club email address, charlotteautryfc@yahoo.com
and likewise, if you have any contact info changes, be sure to email them to us so we can keep you up to date on the project and Charlotte's schedule.
God bless you all,
Charlotte Autry's Fan Club

November 26, 2006

Subject: Order your "TRIBUTE TO GENE AUTRY" CD, now
Rainy Day Records is taking orders for Charlotte's album, now.
Everyone that buys now, will get a picture, autographed by the artists performing on it.
It will be released in early spring.
To order early, click on this link [below]. You can also read about the album.

November 20, 2006

We're all getting pretty excited, here at Charlotte's Web. 
But before I get into all the good news, Charlotte wants to thank all of you that sent Birthday wishes to her. By phone, e-mail, and snail mail. It certainly made her day, and she does appreciate it.
Now, for the latest. This is finally beginning to feel more like reality, than a dream. Things are beginning to take shape. Charlotte has been in Nashville several times working on her "Tribute To Gene Autry", album, celebrating  what would have been Gene's 100th Birthday.
This album is being produced by one of the best studio's in Nashville, "Sound Emporium", and some of the best engineers, best back up singers, and best musicians.  Gene Autry will be represented by the very best available.
We have some great artists doing Gene's songs. What has been done so far, is fabulous. This month we completed  five songs. Pam Tillis sings "You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven," Kim McLean, (a country Gospel singer), sings "Someone Bigger Than You And I", Restless Heart, sings "That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine", Ian Tyson, ( A Canada Music Hall Of Famer), sings "Ridin' Down The Canyon". Charlotte sings, "Be Honest With Me", AND one she and Joe Johnston wrote,  "Saddle Pal Of Mine".
Next month we have Charlie Daniels, The Time Jumpers,  Jim Lauderdale, T Graham Brown, John Anderson, Vince Gill. Vince will be singing "Oklahoma Hills", There are several more wanting to put their voices on this album.  We have, Charlotte, Kim McLean and Richard Dennison, (Dolly's back up singer), singing back up. 
Plans are to have it finished and ready to be released, in  early spring  We will let you know the date of release, and where it can be purchased, as soon as we find out.
We are very excited about this project. I think you will be too, when you hear it. It will bring Gene back to the minds of the older generation, and  the younger generation will hear what a great person, and singer they have missed out on.
Fan Club President, (aka, mom).
Patty Autry

November 6, 2006

Hello to all Charlotte's supporters;
This is a very exciting time for Charlotte. This is something she has longed for, for many years.
Her first CD, "Tribute To Gene Autry"  for his 100th birthday celebration will become a reality, this Wednesday, Nov. 8. Charlotte has been in Nashville several times, lately, learning about the recording studio, learning the two songs she is contributing to the album, meeting the musicians that will be contributing to this album, AND some that are in the business to give advice, show her where she needs to be, etc. This is only the first session. The next session will be the first part of December. This CD will be released in the spring, and will be for sale at several places. We'll know more about where that will be, before it's released.
There will be a photographer there to take pictures, AND I will also have my camera. She will be putting some of these pictures on her website, and her MYSPACE site, so be sure to check in her sites often.
If you have any questions for her, you can post them on her MYSPACE, and she will get them instantly. If you have a question for me, President of her fan club, reply to this address.
We will be sending a report on this first recording session, as soon as we get back, which will be around 18 or 19th.
Thank you so much for supporting Charlotte,
Patty Autry,
President, Charlotte Autry Fan Club

October 14, 2006

HEY to all my friends and fans, Hope all is well with you as the chill of fall sets in!!  Today is Friday the 13th and the temp here at home is 37 degrees…..  and my pink fuzzy slippers and I are snuggled in here at the desk with a GREAT cup of coffee, ahhhhhh what could be better?? 

The 16th annual Gene Autry Festival, Gene Autry, OK was a GREAT event this year, just as I expected it to be, and can I say that there is NO GREATER PLACE for this small town Autry girl to be than at a Gene Autry Festival in Gene Autry, OK.  Last year was the first year that a Singing Autry had ever performed on the stage, and can I just say WOW, WHAT A HUGE HONOR IT WAS!  The crowd was twice what it was last year, the music was great as usual, and everybody is getting geared up and excited for Gene’s 100th birthday celebration in 2007.  I had the privilege of being invited upon the stage in the middle of Paul Belanger’s concert to sing with him. He is a multi-award winning yodeler who has walked away with many awards, such as National Yodeling Champion, International Swiss Yodeling Champion, Country Music Association’s Songwriter of the Year, Country Music of America’s Male Entertainer of the Year & Album of the Year, and what a precious man, and it was such a thrill to share a stage with him.  If you have never had the opportunity to experience a Gene Autry Festival, start making plans now for next year, it will be one that you will not want to miss!!  I will send out the exact dates as soon as I receive them.

The Gene Autry Tribute Album is getting ready to explode into my life, and will only be a matter of time before it explodes into yours!  SO FAR, (and you are the very first to be ‘in the know’) here’s the updated list of participating artists:

Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Restless Heart, Asleep at the Wheel, Canadian Cowboy Ian Tyson, Pam Tillis, John Anderson……

Things have kicked into high gear as we are headed into pre-production, and I am packing my bags for a trip to Nashville as we speak.  I have been working on the many details of the project with my producer, Joe Johnston, and my label owner, Rick Bridge of Rainy Day Records, LA, CA.  It is coming together quickly and larger than what we anticipated, so needless to say EXCITEMENT IS LARGE AND IN CHARGE, I cannot wait to get to Nashville to really dig in up to my elbows!

As for the status on my personal singing career, you can currently hear my original song ‘Back to my Roots’ on 15 internet stations and a growing number of ACTUAL ‘FM’ stations in different areas of the country, one being right outside of Nashville!!!  I have had simultaneous spots in the internet TOP 5 on supercountryhits.com for 5 weeks in a row with ‘Back to my Roots’ being #1 four of those weeks, and ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky’ fluctuating between spot #2 and #3!!!!!!  MANY THANKS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE REQUESTING IT!!  You can request it too by going to supercountryhits.com and selecting the ‘request’ feature, look under the ‘C’s’ and you will find my songs there, & you can request it every hour!!  I am also up for ‘NEW FEMALE ARTIST’ on newcountrystar.com…  just click on the ‘VOTE’ link, and scroll down until you see my picture….  Select my name, and click ‘vote’ – you can vote every hour of every day – voting doesn’t end until October 23.  THAT’S NOT ALL, but there will be PLENTY LEFT TO TELL in my next update, & TONS OF NEW STUFF HAPPENING I’m sure!!!




September 21, 2006

Hello to ALL Charlotte Autry Fan's:
Super Country Hits is a radio station in Biloxi, Miss. They are playing Charlotte's Songs, "Back To My Roots" and "Blue Moon Of Kentucky". Week before last it was #1, this past week, it came in #2, but just a few votes. Right now Back to My Roots is #1 in the top 20. Up by only two. We need your votes to keep it in first place.
Click on this link;
Click on requests, scroll down, click on the C (in the alphabets), scroll on down to Charlotte Autry, highlight her name, move to the right and click on request. Although, only one request every 90 minutes, for each person, is accepted, EVERY vote counts, for the overall spot it ends up in. The count down is played every Sunday evening at 7:00.
Let's get in there and vote, vote, vote. The first place artist, has the honor of making a short speech (commercial). Also, there are music scouts listening, and taking notes.
This station is played only on the internet, but is world wide. So you can see why we need to get behind her and get her and her music heard.
If you have any questions, or need help finding the request link, e-mail me back, I'll walk you through it.
Thank you so much
Charlotte Autry's FC

August 20, 2006

HEY FANS & FRIENDS....... I sent my original song 'Back to my Roots' to Ray at http://www.myspace.com/supercountryhits from Beautiful Biloxi, MS and here is the message I received back.......

"Good News we have reviewed your song and found it to be very good and have included it in our playlist rotation. Your song can be requested from our website http://www.supercountryhits.com

Super Country Hits.Com"

SO what can I say........ other than 'SHAZAAM SGT. CARTER' ~Gomer Pyle

God bless,
Charlotte Autry
Pres.Charlotte Autry's FC

August 17, 2006

Members of Charlottes fan club. Charlotte did an interview with a DJ from Lexington, KY.  She visited with him on the cyber air, he played her song during the interview, then went on again, after the song finished, with the interview. I thought you might like to listen to it.
Click on this link [below], then on TiKi lounge, then scroll down and click on Charlotte Autry. It's a nice interview. It was reason to be to be a tiny bit nervous, but she still did a great job.
Pres.Charlotte Autry's FC

June 30, 2006

Hello Everyone;
Everything is coming along pretty good. Several new things have taken place, that we are pretty excited about. As you know, Charlotte's main focus, from the beginning, has been on Gene Autry. She made that known by all she is dealing with, in this business.
 For years she has researched her family tree. Although, she found lots of interesting ancestors, Gene was her main interest. (He DOES have more to write and talk about). In January, she made a family emergency trip to California, but stayed several extra days, to round up all the new information on Gene, she could. WOW, she even got to set behind the desk, where Gene did all his work.
Over a period of years, she has gotten CD's,  names and lyric's of all the songs Gene sang, AND wrote, with the focus on singing them someday. Well, these are the days she has been waiting for. To have the opportunity to sing AND record those songs, and bring Gene back out in the spotlight, and bring precious memories back to those who, long ago, watched his movies, drooled over him, and longed to be in his arms, AND bring the knowledge to the younger generation, of who he was, what he was, and what he stood for. 
NOW, it is well on it's way to happening. We are approaching Gene's "Would Have Been"  100th birthday, and what a great time for all this to come together. She couldn't have planned it any better.
THIS IS FANTASTIC, SOMETHING WE NEVER EXPECTED TO HAPPEN,   Along with Charlotte's songs on the CD, she will accompany Vince Gill, as he sings 'Oklahoma Hills', Willie Nelson, as he sings 'Back In The Saddle Again, Restless Heart, Brenda Lee, AND there will be more. We will send out another report, to let you know who the others are, as they sign up.
NOW,, back down to earth,,,, Tuesday, July 4th, Charlotte will be singing at Catoosa's Libertyfest. Starting around 6 PM. She will also sing the National Anthem before the fireworks. Please try to attend. She will be so happy to know we are all there and supporting her all the way.
We will be posting her schedule on her website, www.charlotteautry.com . Check it out anytime.
Pres.Charlotte Autry's FC

June 26, 2006

Thank you so much for joining Charlottes fan club. We have both been putting things together, and setting things up for the fan club. We are busy as little bees gathering information for her publicists and for this first very special project which will be released next spring.
September 29, 2007 marks what would have been Gene Autry's 100th birthday. Being a third cousin, and always adoring Gene, Charlotte has chosen, in co-ordination with other "Gene Autry Tributes" being arranged, to make her first CD a tribute to Gene. We're ALL very excited about her decision.
This is going to be fun and exciting for all of us. Along with her myspace music site, which is www.myspace.com/charlotteautry - we're working on getting a forum, so you can post messages to her, and other fan club members. Also, a chat room, where we can all chat directly with her, AND each other. I will be keeping you informed on all her events, and what's happening with her, by sending out newsletters via the Internet.
Again, Thank you for joining. You'll be glad you did. Fans are what keeps singers,and their careers growing. Charlotte is going to make us very proud, and represent us well.
By the way, she will have a booth set up at the CMA Music Festival 2007.
Pres.Charlotte Autry's FC


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